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The Flare Monitoring Telescope (FMT) is a powerful instrument that performs simultaneous observations of the solar disk at different wavelengths around the H-alpha absorption line (6562.8 A). The scientific objective of the FMT is to monitor continuously the solar flares and filament/prominence eruptions. This in order to improve our understanding of the relationship between these eruptive phenomena and the geo-effectiveness of the associated coronal mass ejections (CMEs), and ultimately the impact on the space-weather.
The FMT is also suitable for detecting large-scale disturbances in the solar chromosphere known as Moreton waves, as well as, for studying the long-term variation of UV radiation.
    Data Policy
    The FMT data is for education and research activities. At the moment the FMT data is not available online, if you would like to use our data please contact us to ciasest@unica.edu.pe

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H-alpha - 0.8A H-alpha + 0.0A H-alpha + 0.8A

Movie (2 min. cadence) Movie (2 min. cadence) Movie (2 min. cadence)
Movie (full frames)
Movie (full frames) Movie (full frames)

Prominence White Light

Movie (2 min. cadence) Movie (2 min. cadence)
Movie (full frames) Movie (full frames)

(Calibration procedures such as dark and flat-field correction are not used in these images)

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The CHAIN-project is sponsored and supported by the Astronomical Observatory of Kyoto University, Japan.

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